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Advanced Golf Scorecard 

Most Advanced Golf Calculation System

Real time online Scorecard for any golf course in the world.

Customized Scorecard Inventory to meet our members needs. 

Send us your scorecard request and it will be ready to use in 24 hours.

Unique system scores your game wherever you play even when you golf on different courses around the world.

Records, monitors, maintains, and stores player's personal performance.

Online Scorecard  allows players to Golf For The Green!  Environmentally Sustainable!

Free! Simply Register and Play!  Scorecard Registration

Bring Your 'A' Game!

Conquer Your Potential! 

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Play With Pros on the Professional Tour! 

SteepleJAC Athletics "Pair With The Pros" Tournaments 

SteepleJAC scorecards make tournament play competitive.

An advance calculation system which compares the SKILL level of the player playing on the selected course as well as comparing the DIFFICULTY factors of courses around the world. 

Everyone plays competitively, fairly, and can have fun because they are all playing real time yet on the same 'virtual' SteepleJAC Course!

Take YOUR GOLF game to the next level.

Register in a Pair With The Pros Tournament.

Select a golf course to play your Pair With The Pros tournament round on.

Input your score into the corresponding SteepleJAC Scorecard.

Score is automatically recorded, calculated, verified, submitted, and housed within the selected Pair With The Pro Tournament.

Advanced Scorecard and Scoring system calculates and compares scores competitively. (Scorecards,, players scoring history, and all golf scoring calculation entities are generated with SteepleJAC are not trasnferable for out of system purposes.)

Takes a diverse range of players' and compares performance based on scores, performance, and skill.

Considers and compares all course difficulty factors positioning players on an equal playing field.

Scores are exported to the SteepleJAC Pair With The Pros Leaderboard for the selected tournament.

SteepleJAC Pair With The Pros players are randomly paired with a  professional golfer in the selected professional level tournament.

Paired performance is ranked on respective SteepleJAC Pair With The Pro  Leaderboard.


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