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About Us

Creation and History of SteepleJAC Athletics

Scorecard - Calculation System

SteepleJAC’s branded calculation system was meticulously designed following years of consultation with local and regional golf professionals as well as web development companies. The proprietary golf software sustains two distinctive avenues. The advanced scorecard and the Pair With The Pros tournament system.

SteepleJAC Golf Athletics devised a unique competitive calculation system which organizes and houses golf scorecards aiming to assist a diverse range of players to reach personal goals. SteepleJAC Athletics strives to rejuvenate the game of golf while simultaneously adding value and purpose to the players' green fees or membership fees. SteepleJAC scorecards are the first environmentally sustainable "Golf FORE the Green" scorecard boasting up to four players on one view.

The advanced scorecard encourages golfers across the nation to connect regularly in personal or head to head play.    We build sociable connections between family, friends, or colleagues while playing together or separately - on the same course or different courses - around the world. SteepleJAC's easy to use, interactive, real-time scorecards allows players to "Bring Their A Game" -  have fun,  relax, and be entertained.  Golfers tee it up to PLAY! We do the WORK! 

Pair With The Pros - Tournament System

The complex series of algorithms is further applied in an automated trademarked tournament platform housing an equitable scoring system which challenges players. Pair With The Pros Tournaments energizes golf enthusiasts to get involved in various professional golf tour stops, therefore captivating people to follow professional events. SteepleJAC Pair With The Pros provides the added challenge and incentives to play a round in a global and have the results randomly paired with a Pro in a professional tour stop. We aim to develop a strong sense of unity by revitalizing professional golf attention, invigorating enthusiasm to  participate, and to incorporate and infuse golf with excitement and enjoyment. 

SteepleJAC Athletics is confident that we possess the program that fosters interest and stimulates involvement for men, women, and junior golf athletes across the world. We strive to exhibit successful connections with international initiatives and platforms.  SteepleJAC unites golf on a global front Pairing With The Pros from PGA, LPGA, CPGA, and the Tour of Champions.

FORE! SteepleJAC Athletics has their golf game TEED UP!


Play to Build Golf!            SteepleJAC Golf Athletics!

Conquer Your Potential!   Pair With The Pros Tournaments!

Bring Your 'A' Game!        Scorecard and Calculation System!

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Establishment SteepleJAC Athletics!

  • SteepleJAC Athletics Pair With The Pros Relaunch (due to Covid19 Pandemic) 2022 
  • SteepleJAC Athletics Pair With The Pros Tournament System Launch 2019
  • Inside Golf Story by Golf and Tourism Writer Michael Cunningham 2019
  • On The Links Story by Golf and Tourism Writer Michael Cunningham 2019
  • SteepleJAC Athletics Pair With The Pros Tournament System build 2017      
  • SteepleJAC Athletics advanced online Scorecard and Calculation System Launch 2017
  • SteepeJAC Athletics LTD.  (2062689 Alberta Ltd.) established in 2017.
  • Scorecard and Scoring System launched 2016.
  • Dragon's Den Prelim Auditions 2012
  • Concept formulated in 2011. 
  • JACT Sports League System 2007
  • Concept initiated following Patent Investigations in 2007.
  • JACT Sports originated golf scoring systems in 2006. 
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SteepleJAC Athletics!

“Play to Build Golf”

SteepleJAC Athletics establishes interactive user-friendly scorecard and tournament systems which generate a keen and unique interest and golf experience.  We are dedicated to inspire athletes and enrich the game on a global platform. SteepleJAC aspires to build passion and participation in golf endeavors while maintaining reliability, integrity, and the traditional practices of the game.

Mission Statement

Bring Your 'A' Game.  Conquer Your Potential.

SteepleJAC Athletics maintains programs which fosters interest and stimulates involvement for men, women, and junior golf athletes around the world. We strive to exhibit connections with international initiatives and platforms by uniting golf individually, locally, and on a global front.

Our Organization is committed to environmental sustainability endeavoring to promote Golf FORE the Green. The online scorecard and tournament system enables people to develop global connections and unity while maintaining considerations to all levels of sport economics and environmental sustainability. SteepleJAC builds golf in its totality.

The SteepleJAC Athletics team encourages members to set goals; be an active participant; enjoy golf; challenge the game to attain personalized aspirations; and achieve successes. SteepleJAC Athletics! inspires golf enthusiasts to be excited, energized, and engaged in athletic golf endeavors while simultaneously satisfying the intrinsic desire to achieve personal best performance and the innate drive to compete, improve, see results, gain purpose, and simply bring back the ‘game’ in golf.  The SteepleJAC Pair With The Pro Tournaments invite and motivate the golf participants to take leaps and bounds above Fantasy Golf and Golf Pools.

 “Bring Your ‘A’ Game”  

 “Conquer Your Potential!” 

 'Play to Build Golf'!

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Vision a driving force to "Play To Build Golf"!

  • SteepleJAC Golf Athletics strives to continue the vision to BUILD GOLF:
  • * Enhancing the scorecards and the tournament system with GPS, APP, global mapping, etc
  • * Activating the expansion of the Pair With The Pros tournament system to operate at maximum capacity.
  • * Release the Private Pair With The Pros extension to the golf industry
  • * Aim at building golf all inclusively through endorsements, sponsorships, advertising...
  • * Team PWTP Tournaments with 1::1, 2::2, and 4::4 models
  • * Construct an all - inclusive Golf Community - scholarships, player/course grand prizes, corporate donations to charitable organizations, youth and amateur training camps, etc...   We strive to 'give back' to our 'frontline' and build golf globally. 

Future Enhancement and Expansion Beyond Golf is Three-fold.

ONE: SteepleJAC Athletics Vision will continue to revolutionize the athletic competitive environment, inviting sport enthusiasts to “Bring Their A Game” to “Conquer Your Potential’. If you have different athletic interests other than golf, SteepleJAC Athletics wants to hear from you. SteepleJAC Athletics commits to viability considerations for Your Passion as Our Vision. Other athletic endeavors (including but not limited to hockey, judo, volleyball, running, scrambling etc.) to uphold a top caliber innovative sport competition environment for athletic enthusiasts of all ages, genders, skill levels,  sport interests, and ventures on an international basis. If YOU DREAM it, we aim to BUILD IT!

TWO: SteepleJAC continues to look to the future with exhilarating excitement and prescience. SteepleJAC ventures beyond physical activities, sports, or athletic interests into the non-athletic world of competition. SteepleJAC opportunities are unlimited and the ‘Real-time, Virtual, International, League, Tournament, and Competition Systems’ have insight application for any aspect of the current world trends or activities. SteepleJAC maintains a vested interest in passions relating to, but not limited to, the following industries and areas of consumer interest: culinary, artistic, equestrian, canine, fashion design, hair and esthetician artistry, billiards, etc. as the opportunities are indefinite.

THREE: Additionally, SteepleJAC Athletics is committed to advancements with enhanced program extensions, inclusively but not limited to areas of personal training data, scholarships, grants, philanthropy, scout and talent search opportunities, expansive national and international competition athletic databases, loyalty programs, charitable contributions, etc. as the ventures are infinite.

"Bring Your A Game!"

“Conquer Your Potential!"

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Bring Your ‘A’ Game! Conquer Your Potential!

Attitude determines Altitude.
WHAT you put into life and WHERE you go in life is up to you.

Take stock of your life…
Take inventory of where you are socially, intellectually, spiritually, financially, emotionally…
What are your Aspirations?
What do you want to Attain?
What are your Aptitudes?

Ambition is partnered with DETERMINATION and MOTIVATION.
Be Achievement-Oriented.
Go for it! Not only in the short-term, but strive for the long-term.
Step it up!  Step to the plate!
Bring your game!

the challenge.
the endeavor.

Be an Active participant.
your Activity.
Be Pro-Active!

Make a plan and stay organised.
Be Attentive to your Ambitions,
Follow through…WALK THE TALK!

Make yourself Available to participate in every stage of the process.
Go public and be Accountable.

Advisors and Accomplices
for Assistance where needed.
the tools and Accessories.
the dream team to Accomplish your vision.
positive influences to help provide VALIDATION and Approval.
and Articulate your GOALS.

Evaluate and be prepared to modify. Adjust and Acclimatize.

Evade analysis paralysis, anxiety, and apathy.
If you can CONTROL your thoughts – you can control your DESTINY!
Focus on your STENGTHS.

Bring Your ‘A’ Game!  

Conquer Your Potential!

38  "A" ways that SteepleJAC can take YOUR golf game to the top! 

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SteepleJAC Athletics Team

SteepleJAC Golf Athletics

'SteepleJAC Golf Athletics is derived from the definition of a 'Steeplejack' - an individual who climbs structures with intent to build up, enhance, maintain the foundations as well as the overall construction .SteepleJAC endeavours to 'Build Golf' internationally, 'Conquer Potentials' locally, and personally provide golfers to intrinsically Bring Their A Game!

Cindy S. Ayukawa

Cindy maintains a Bachelor Degree in Education, Early Childhood Education, Physical Education and Athletics Management of 30+ years in (Alberta) Canada, Taiwan, China, Barbados, and Guatemala. Cindy’s educational knowledge and background were key factors in the development of SteepleJAC Athletics’ cutting edge technology which is centered on the cohesive integration of a complex knowledge of human development, the study of international educational technology based programmes which encouraged learning, 'the innate inner drive, matched with the instinctive desire to improve, progress, and excel.

Cindy strives to be balanced in all aspects of her life focusing on living a healthy physically active lifestyle which fosters the mind, body, and soul. She participates as an athlete, competitor, coach, and participant in a wide variety of sport endeavors with golf, scrambling mountains, and hiking as a few of her favorites. Directly related to the golf industry, Cindy has been employed as Golf Club Food and Beverage Supervisor as well as Golf Pro Shop Assistant in golf courses around the world.

2018 brings a milestone as Cindy will be a five-year cancer survivor. This achievement enhanced the drive and motivation which Cindy bases inherent ideals to maintain a balanced lifestyle yet continuously strive towards challenging and conquering her highest of goals. A sincere passion and valuable lifestyle commitment of Cindy's has been to 'give back' to others with more than she has received. This is evident as she volunteered on the TANGO Foundation (Taber Assisting Nations Through Global Outreach) Education Team - Guatemala 2017, Chinook Hospital Jack Ady Cancer Centre, Chinook Hospital Emergency Department, and the Lethbridge Regional Police Victim Witness Services Unit. Cindy also 'Ran for the Cure', assisted with 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes', and coordinated Terry Fox Runs. Cindy believes that “Actions Speak’! so focuses philanthropy efforts on assisting, training, teaching, and helping others to rise to their challenge, discover their potential, and conquer their dream!

The directive "Play to Build Golf" is the foundation of SteepleJAC Athletics which stems from Cindy's personal aspirations.

Jesse J.S. Vander Heyden

Jesse graduated from the Lethbridge Community College with a Business Administration Management Diploma and Criminal Justice Policing Diploma.  He is currently employed with the Town of Coaldale in the Public Operations - Transportation and Utilities Department. Jesse’s past employment experiences include a diversified background including work with the City of Lethbridge, Farm/Ranch/Feedlot, and as a Southern Alberta Golf Pro Shop Assistant.

Jesse continues to be a dynamic sport enthusiast, is physically active, and lives a healthy lifestyle.  Jesse brings a solid sports portfolio and multi-disciplined athletic endeavors to SteepleJAC Athletics. Jesse had the opportunity to participate in a diversified array of sports which required competition at a local level as well as at an international level resulting in travel to different parts of the world to compete. He has played elite hockey and club volleyball complementing his portfolio of successful athletic ventures as both an athlete and coach.  Current athletic endeavors are golf, softball, and keeping up with his energetic son and daughter.

Growing up with sports has planted the competitive seed within which every athlete encounters. Jesse has discovered that the seed grows to push sport enthusiasts to personal limits bringing out the best of the athletes' capabilities at all times and to perform at a personal best, beating out the rest of the competition if the opportunity allows. Jesse has witnessed first hand, the human innate desire to compete and strive to improve and perform at one’s personal best and then pushing to be the best overall. That being said, an abundance of skills has been instilled from sports -  competition, teamwork, passion, social skills, enthusiasm, punctuality, hard work, organization, and many more that have pushed the personal limits of athletes to achieve goals as well as drive the sport enthusiast forward to pursue all future aspirations and aspects of life. Closely intertwined with the desire to compete, Jesse also finds ‘gaming’ on the PC, Xbox and PS4 systems to be equally challenging and strives to be on the top of the scoreboards. The real time leaderboard and competition stems from video  system play.

Jesse’s business management experience combined with his innate drive to participate in sports at all levels are great assets to SteepleJAC Athletics! He contributes to SteepleJAC Athletics with his knowledge and skill in the areas of business management, general sport competitions, and `gaming`.

Jesse 'owns' and lives up to the SteepleJAC philosophy - Bring Your 'A' Game! This is exemplified as he challenges all aspects of life with this positive competitive outlook.

Amanda K.M. Vander Heyden

Amanda maintains a healthy active lifestyle. Amanda upholds a Bachelor of Nursing Degree from the University of Lethbridge and Certification as an international Esthetician. She is currently employed as the Registered Nurse in a Government Facility with a strong ambition to merge her education backgrounds to practice as a medical esthetician.

As an avid sports enthusiast and coach, Amanda, and her fiancé Matt, maintain an expansive background in sports, focusing on club volleyball, dance, skating, basketball, golf, hockey, soccer, and general exercise and fitness. When Amanda is engaged in an athletic endeavor she strives for personal peak performance and challenges herself to reach a higher level of personal success.

Amanda’s nursing background is an essential asset to SteepleJAC Athletics! as it outlines the benefits of incorporating a healthy active outlook to everyday living. Amanda’s socio-psychological, physiological, medical background are solid assets and contributions in regards to health, fitness, and the innate desire to compete intrinsically in athletic endeavors as in all challenges of everyday life.

Amanda maintains the belief that everyone has a passion, everyone has an aspiration, everyone has the desire to succeed, everyone has the potential to accomplish their goal…. and this is the basis of the SteepleJAC Mottos "Conquer Your Potential!"

SteepleJAC Athletics Acknowledgements

Kelly Brantner - CEO Business for Better Society   

Media 32 Lethbridge, Alberta   Web Design and System Development - James Harrison

Golfers of all abilities

Golf Courses around the world

SteepleJAC Athletics Contact Information

Website www.steeplejac-athletics.comand

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Location    Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

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