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SteepleJAC Athletics Scorecard 

Real time Friendly Rivalry with Friends/Family/Work Associates! 

Improve Your Game! 

You relax and PLAY - Let our scorecards do the WORK!

It is simple, fun, and the best part is the use of the Scorecard Inventory IS COMPLEMENTARY!


SteepleJAC Athletics Scorecard Inventory

Get Started! 

Set up your FREE  Registration Profile with SteepleJAC Athletics, making sure you input your handicap information accurately. 

Book your tee time on a course of your choice. Find the Course and Teeing Ground on the corresponding course scorecard from our inventory. If a course scorecard is not available on our website, send us a quick email and our team will input the requested scorecard within 48 hours.

Our scorecard provides and displays all the information you need to play  a round including the yardage, par on each hole, the course handicap on each hole, as well as it brings in your profile information and record of past games played. 

Play  your round and input your score real time through our website (uses less than 3 mb of data). The App is in the build.  Or keep your score manually on a traditional course scorecard (and input the scores into the System at the 19th Hole.

When your score for each hole is inputted, the online scorecard will generate your score hole by hole and at the end of the round calculate your current Gross Score/Adjusted Gross Score, your Eagles to Pars to Double Bogies, your Handicap, and  your Net Score based on the course you played.  There is no need to input at the proshop/clubhouse that you played at.  

Our scorecards take it all into consideration -  your handicap and information from your profile,  your performance on the course in relation to the course handicap and parameters, and your record of past rounds and performance. The advanced internal SteepleJAC Handicap System will calculate  and record your performance based on  your entered rounds of golf.  All you need to do is PLAY!

Players build a personal record of rounds played, all the courses and the respective location of rounds played, and the player's handicap and statistics, etc.   Everything you need to keep track of your score from the moment you step up to address the ball on the first tee box  until you hole out on the 18th green, is at your fingertips.

It is virtually THAT simple!  So go ahead... Relax and Enjoy!

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