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Register and Play in a SteepleJAC Pair With The Pros Tournament

Go toSteepleJac Athletics

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Go to Tournaments on the top of the homepage

Go to the PWTP Tournament you want to play in.

Complete Payment

Go to View Tournament

Go to Register for the Tournament

Select the Golf Course you will play on.

Go back to View Tournament - Generate Pairing to get Paired With A Pro in the PGA  Tournament that you selected.  Wait to see what ‘Seed’ placement you are in – This does not mean you will be paired with the pro in that position.  You will still not know until Friday when the pro cuts are made AND the SteepleJAC tournament play ends  which will be on Friday before the pro cuts are made.




  GENERATE PAIRING IS COMPLETE and you have a "seed" placement.


  Refunds will not be made if player has failed to complete all registration steps.

Play your Round – Book a tee time at the designated golf course. You can use you green fee play or membership play to play your round.  Ensure that you remember to note the tee time, date of your round, as well as retain the receipt – for verification purposes.

Fill in the Scorecard provided when you registered for the tournament.  

Verify your scorecard enty with name and phone number.

Save the Scorecard. Note that your final score and PPP will be different on your individual Scoreboard and the Tournament Leaderboard.  This is due to the fact that the latter is a comparison with other players playing on different golf courses.

This will take you to your Scoreboard on your dashboard.

Save and Verify Score on your scoreboard

View Tournament Results

The Leaderboard will be BLANK because no scores can be inputted until the Pro Tournament  cuts have been made and a SteepleJAC Condensed Player roster is made…. Friday

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On Friday Pro Cuts are made and posted on the tournament leaderboard.

On Friday SteepleJAC Registered Players and the Pros are paired.   It is the SteepleJAC Player’s responsibility to ensure they are listed on the Tournament Leaderboard.  If their name does not appear on the leaderboard the player must contact SteepleJAC immediately because registration was not completed properly.

SteepleJAC players scorecards are calculated and posted on the Tournament LeaderBoard on Friday. Players can go to View Results of their Scorecard in the profile. All tournament registered players’ scorecards are calculated and compared to the other SteepleJAC players based on skill going in, performance in the round, and on the difficulty parameters of the courses which were played on. Each players’ score is ranked with all the other SteepleJAC players.  Note this does not determine where on the Tournament Leaderboard they will be placed.

Sit back and relax on the 19th hole. Check the Leaderboard regularly to see results of how your Pro Partner is playing and placing.

The pros will play until Sunday and your ranking will move up and down with your Pro.  Cheer on your Pros performance and keep an eye on your Pro’s performance.

On Sunday the final results of the Pros performance will be posted.

On Sunday the score of the Pro you are paired with and your score are calculated to place your ‘team’ in a final SteepleJAC PWTP tournament ranking.

On Sunday SteepleJAC Athletics will determine if additional flights are feasible.

The results on Sunday will determine the winners which may be verified by contacting the scorecard verification person or the golf course the winner played on.

Prizes will be distributed accordingly.

  2. View professional golf  tour stops here: PGA Tour Stops
  3. Check out the SteepleJAC Pair With The Pros Leaderboard to see your paired performance placing throughout the tournament when the final results are posted.SteepleJAC Athletics Pair With The Pro

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