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Tournament Rules & Regulations

All Rules, Regulations and Guidelines of SteepleJAC Athletics System and Scorecards apply and are enforced.

Golf is a game of integrity.  SteepleJAC Athletics reserves the right to:

  • Investigate scorecards as well as the verification and validity of scorecards entered into a Pair With The Pros Tournament
  • Follow up on complaints or reports regarding any scorecard entry which may have been entered inaccurately.
  • Follow up on complaints or reports regarding a player who inaccurately reports or falsifies any information in their profile or scores which may affect the scorecard calculations. 
  • Look into the scorecard of any player who does not apply penalties accurately, takes a 'Mulligan', or does not putt out/hole out - takes a "Gimmie'.

SteepleJAC reserves the right to disqualify any person who does not abide by the  General Universal  Rules of Golf and/or the SteepleJAC Rules of Golf. 

SteepleJAC  Athletics decisions are final.

All Registration dates are final. No late entries are permitted. 

Incomplete or unfinished registrations are disqualified unless dispute is made on the day of Pro Cuts of the Tournament in question.

A Registered player may enter only ONE Scorecard per SteepleJAC Pair with the Pro Tournament.